Sponsor a Gift box for £40

  • Cuski baby comforter which can be used in incubators
  • Toiletries for mum
  • Baby clothes
  • Sweets
  • A laundry bag (to take home baby's dirty clothes)
  • Pillow case (for those important first cuddles)
  • A pen (for recording precious memories)
  • Stickers for the babies diaries
  • Handcream
  • Eye Mask / Ear Plugs
  • Other  appropriate goodies!

The box is a specially produced memory box which can  be used to store keepsakes of the babies time in SCBU.

What's in the box?

About Little Miracles

Little Miracles is a small charity which has been set up with the sole objective to benefit the families and babies who are admitted to the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) in Jersey General Hospital.   Our boxes are a way of 'giving a hug' and providing practical and emotional support to parents on the day that their child is admitted to SCBU.  

When a baby is admitted to SCBU, this can be an incredibly scary experience for their parents and our boxes reassure these families that someone is thinking about whilst also being filled with practical gifts for the parents and babies to help make their stay a little easier. 

Little Miracles was set up following our personal experience of SCBU when our son, Harry, spent 8 weeks in SCBU in 2011. We decided we wanted to set up a charity to practically help other families going through a similar experience and it was through this experience, liaising with SCBU staff and through conducting research amongst SCBU parents that we decided on the contents of the boxes. As such our charity’s mission is simple yet meets a very specific need.

Since setting up Little Miracles in April 2014, we have had an incredibly positive response to the charity. Here are a few testimonials...

Thank you for the wonderful boxes that you are providing for us to give to our parents. What you are doing for these parents is so special and is having a huge impact. We ourselves are getting so much joy from giving out your boxes and watching the parents open them. The gifts in them are so practical, it has been lovely seeing all the laundry bags hanging on the cots, pillow cases being used and the Cuski’s in the incubators. Thank you for making a difference. (SCBU Nurse)

We just wanted to say a massive thank you... Our twin boys have been under the fantastic care of the scbu team for the last 3-4 days and we were kindly presented with your beautiful boxes. At the time I only had the opportunity for a quick peak and didn't fully appreciate how useful this box would be but every day since there's been something in them that's been desperately needed and every time it just makes me smile with relief as you've made our lives a little easier. I particularly love the get well cards from local school children! So we just wanted to convey our thanks and appreciation for all the charity's work and also to wish you and Harry all the best. Thank you (SCBU Mummy) 

Each box costs £40 to produce and we would love your support to help us provide them to each family.